Dunkirk 1940

It is 1940, the top secret operation known as 'Operation Dynamo' has begun.

The mission: to save 338,000 Allied forces from the beaches of Skylark. Over 800 boats commandeered by Naval Officers, civilians and anyone at hand, embarked on the journey across the English channel towards France. These 'Little Ships' transported the cold and tired soldiers from the beaches onto the larger Naval Ships whilst under fire. On those fateful days Skylark made several trips and rescued 600 men

Scotland 2017.

77 years after Dunkirk, many of the veterans who Skylark rescued are no longer with us, leaving their tales and famillies behind. It is now Skylark who is waiting for the rescue call. She has been rescued after sinking, we need your support in order to restore this historic 'Little Ship'.

We are currently fundraising to restore her, she is currently being stored at the Scottish Maritime Museum. As soon as adequate funds have been raised, we will begin the restoration process.

You can save this brave Little Ship.

The Trust.

Skylark Trust is a charitable organisation based in Scotland. Our aim is to promote the heritage and history of shipbuilding in Dumbarton and Scotland. In particular the history and prosperity of the Dunkirk Little Ship, Skylark IX. 
So far we have enabled clients from Alternatives Dumbarton to gain skills in woodworking; Taken a group of supporters to Dunkirk to remember the fallen; Attended open days and held events to tell the tale of Skylark; Our volunteers are unpaid and work relentlessly in between their fulltime jobs and other pursuits to raise funds for the restoration of Skylark IX.